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IAA Licensed Immigration Adviser

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) explicitly mentions in ther website that if you lodge an application with INZ and you are using an unlicensed adviser, or someone not exempt from licensing, they will refuse to accept your application. 

As the NZ Immigration Advisers Auority (IAA) puts it, if you need immigration advice, LICENSED ADVISERS have specialist expertise. They have met competency standards and follow a professional code of conduct.

The code requires advisers to:
  • be honest, professional and respectful
  • enter into a written agreement with you that sets out clearly what services they will provide you and what they will cost
  • provide you with ongoing timely updates
  • charge fees that are fair and reasonable.

Licensed advisers can help you:
  • explore all your visa options and choose the right visa
  • prepare your visa application
  • settle in New Zealand
  • assess whether you can appeal a declined visa
  • assess your options if you are in New Zealand unlawfully

Find out more by reading the Guide To Licensed Immigration Advisers.